Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Free Sounds for Projects and Presentations

Have you ever been in need of some really cool sounds? These sounds can be used in your class or personal projects? Fireworks, water bubbles, and an airplane are just a few of the sounds available for download at SoundGator. It's fun to listen to the amazing sounds available. The sounds are categorized for easy look-up. If you are making a movie this is an outstanding resource. It's also fun to read your own stories and add sounds to them to make a radio broadcast! You can add sounds to spice-up your class presentation. Don't just say it, share sounds of the topic you are talking Here's the link: SoundGator

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Time Machine?

Hi Everyone, Have you ever had the urge to go back in time. We've all seen movies with a time-machine in them...where the characters could travel back in time! Well, until we invent one here on Earth we have a cool website to travel back and learn from. The website is called : Take Me Back To How does it work? You simply put the date of any time you want to learn about and it gives you interesting things that were happening then. Cars, magazines, and music are just a few of the fantastic things that you can learn about. So, give it a try now. Here's the link: Take Me Back To